Why air freight services could be key in propelling your business forward

Air freight could be on the cusp of huge change as news this week revealed advances in optimisation and a push towards reduced emissions within the sub-sector. But even though we might be a far way from these stories being the norm, shipping via the air does still offer several key benefits. Here, we delve deeper into the reasons why you should consider using air freight in your business as well as what exactly is going on in the industry.

Investment and improvements

It was recently announced that the Canadian government had financially backed Transport Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to launch an autonomous aircraft. Using a single optionally piloted aircraft with remote crew on the ground, it’s believed that these autonomous cargo flights will improve supply chains to remote northern communities and boost the delivery of perishable goods and urgently required medical supplies.

In the same week, Quantum computing software company, Quantum-South revealed that they had been working on improved air cargo optimisation solutions to help air cargo companies “increase revenues, reduce costs, and achieve operational excellence.” The company explained that the new software can consider maximum weight and length, the shape of the fuselage, and the centre of gravity as well as ensuring adherence with compliance.

What’s more, Virgin Atlantic has confirmed they will be launching an initiative to help customers take control of their carbon footprint, with detailed insights into their cargo emissions and an easy-to-use air freight carbon calculator. It’s thought that more companies will follow suit in a bid to stay committed to the UK Government’s net zero target by 2050.

Why you should consider using air freight services


One of the biggest reasons to use air freight is because of the advantages associated with speed. It can’t be denied that air freight offers the quickest shipping times – sometimes even within the same day – and all cargo airlines must adhere to strict timetables. Even if a cargo does miss a flight, it’s likely to only be a few hours before it’s in the sky.

For those concerned about time-sensitive goods, like food or medical equipment, air freight means you can be confident your cargo will be delivered on time and in good condition. Customs officers are also able to quickly inspect, approve and clear goods meaning your cargo will spend less time in a warehouse.


Air cargo allows you to send goods all over the world, and nowadays even the most remote places can be reached by air. Plus, you’re often given the option to choose an hour-by-hour slot instead of a day. This makes air cargo a great choice for those who are concerned about delivery timelines.

Even better, air cargo consolidators can make it easier to service a variety of locations meaning your deliveries move quickly. Not limited by congested roads or ports, air freight is able to reach popular and challenging destinations with ease.


In the same way that passengers are faced with strict security regulations in airports, so are the goods that fly in and out of countries. Cargo air terminals have strict protocols and screenings and are highly monitored to prevent the risk of damage or theft. What’s more, there is what’s known as minimal handling within the air freight industry – again, making it one of the safest options.


Weight restrictions means air cargo is required to be packaged lightly meaning there is less need for costly materials and containers. It’s also important to consider that your insurance is likely to be lower too because your goods aren’t subject to risky or adverse conditions. As mentioned above, there is less warehousing time which again can have a positive impact on overall costs. This means you could consider offering better deals to your customers.


Finally, you can easily track where your cargo is using web-tracking and apps, typically used by most air freight companies. This allows you to plan and better manage your full supply chain.

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